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  • Youth in Tourism

    Eligibility: A Ni-Vanuatu youth between 12-30 years who owns and operates a tourism business in Vanuatu and is registered as an active youth through the Vanuatu National Youth Council.

    Entry Instructions

    This category recognizes the contribution and commitment of youth individuals engaged in the Tourism Industry. The award is an acknowledgement of exceptionally dedicated individuals who go beyond their typical job descriptions to support their colleagues and industry, and to enhance the visitor experience. Nominations may be given (where the person doing the entry is not the person being nominated).

    Procedures for submissions of Entry

    Please submit entries to the Department of Youth & Sports Development (DYSD) at the Ministry of Youth & Sports Development, Korman Area. In the provinces, please submit your entries to the respective Provincial Youth & Sports Development Officer or scan and email your forms to Sarah Doyle at or call 25298 for more information.